Dr. Tehranchi announced: "Secretariat of Scientific Programs" is set up at the Islamic Azad University of Tehran

17 April 2018 | 11:49 Code : 13819 University News
The head of the Islamic Azad University of Tehran province said: "The Islamic Revolution is a milestone in higher education.
Dr. Tehranchi announced: "Secretariat of Scientific Programs" is set up at the Islamic Azad University of Tehran


"The Islamic Revolution is a turning point in higher education. Higher education is a trend and if it follows the major policies announced by the government and the missions set for it, it can undoubtedly be an effective entity in the society, " stated Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi while commemorating the Fajr decade in the gathering of directors and officials of Islamic Azad University of Tehran province, according to the Public Relations Department of Tehran Central Branch.

Dr. Tehranchi pointed to the words of the Supreme Leader who believed that "this university plays an effective role in higher education." Tehranchi continued: "This viewpoint is very important for Islamic Azad University. Iran’s Supreme Leader believes that Islamic Azad University has a great role in higher education and that Islamic Azad University is the largest educational and scientific capital in the country, and its position is not a subsidiary one in higher education. This viewpoint encourages the academics to play an effective role in higher education."

He noted: “600 to 700 thousand students are admitted by Azad, state, and nonprofit universities of the country each year. They are all trained in a similar way without any variety in education. Have we ever asked ourselves that what is our challenge?”

This member of the board of trustees emphasized that we are not a national research institute and laboratory while adding: "We have a research center in the university which is called Postgraduate Studies. We have to remember that we are neither a research institute, nor a national laboratory. Our postgraduate students are part-time researchers. Our Ph.D. students are full-time researchers and our professors are mentors of research. Our professors are not supposed to do the research instead of students.

He highlighted that we must have a program for conducting research which continuing, "If we believe that postgraduate students are the main researchers and our research must be conducted in the postgraduate level, our viewpoint and direction towards research will change dramatically. We must be careful not to forget the country's main capital which is young people between the age of 21 to 28. Young people must grow and serve in this period,” he added.

The head of Islamic Azad University stated: "Our country is faced with economic stagnation because we, as academics, did not take the measures needed to produce the necessary knowledge to run a country independently. If science and technology are coupled with policy making, big things will happen. New industries must be created. Technology must be transferred."

Dr. Tehranchi counted the layers of governance and continued that “governance has three layers: strategic and policy making layer, tactic layer, and implementation layer. In our country, a lot of high-level documents have been written, challenges and goals have been identified, but we need a "man of action" for implementation. Unfortunately, strategic layer is not considered in the educational field, and the tactic layer is not addressed in research.

While emphasizing that our mission in the undergraduate program is a vital one, Tehranchi added: "We want Islamic Azad University to be a problem-solving university. Of course, we do not forget about training human resources. Our mission in undergraduate program is something serious, vital, and pivotal. If we enter the undergraduate program, we have to know the rules. I have always emphasized the importance of turning Islamic Azad University into a problem-solving university. We know the needs of our community and move towards meeting them so that we can have a serious problem-solving approach in Islamic Azad University.

In another part of his speech, he announced the establishment of the "secretariat of scientific programs" and said: "to this end, first we established the university secretariat of scientific programs in Tehran province. Young and competent colleagues from different universities are working in this secretariat. Youth is the pivot of all these choices because we believe that we should rely on young people. With the help of these young people and a scientific program the focus of which is knowledge and problem solving, we attempt to turn the universities of each province into a center for a special subject."

Translated by M. Motiee


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