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Gaining top positions (places) By Technical and engineering Team of IAUCTB in national and international competitions

- Gaining the third place in Iran Robocop Free Competition by Ariana Robotic Team of the Power and Mechanic students in IAUCTB in Real Paramedics league in April 2014.

- Gaining the second place in international Concretecompetition by the team of Civil engineering students of IAUCTBin eggprotecting structure in 2004

- Gaining the second rank in Zanjan national competition by concrete team of civil engineering students of IAUCTB in macaroni structures

- Gaining the third rank in Concrete national competition by Titan Concrete Team Civil engineering students of IAUCTB in May 2015.

- Gaining the second rank and the wining honor or the most beautiful bridge, as well as the best measuring handbook of steel bridge in the national steel bridge competition in June 2015.

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