Graduation conditions


Any student who has passed bachelor, master or post graduate level according to the following conditions is considered as an under-, graduate, or post-graduate and can receive his or her academic document


He should be accepted in the IAU entrance exam in line with the university regulations

The GPA of the entire academic term should be at least 12

The graduation date is at most 15 days after the last exam in the final term of the year or the summer term.

The braches should issue a temporary graduation document at most six weeks after the student has finished the courses and credits. The branch should also send all academic files and scores to the central administration. If the student is a draftee, the branch should also notify him to the military service office, otherwise the branch is liable for the negligence.

The verification of the graduation document by the central administration office is as follows:

The verification of the temporary graduation document in line with verifying the student’s score sheets and credit files.

The verification and issuing of the final graduation document will be done in six month time after the issuing the temporary document.