Students can withdraw their course of study if they want. The quitters should pay all the intuition according to the latest protocol. The quitter can take back his withdrawal within three months, otherwise the university should issue the verdict (Issuing such verdict is possible within the three month period if the students or their parents hand in their written request).

Before this period expires, the university has to inform the student’s parents of his or her withdrawal. After issuing the verdict, the student’s request for rejoining the university will not be accepted, and that person is no longer considered as student of the university. If the student is a draftee, the University has to report the case to the military service department one month after issuing the verdict.

In special cases when the withdrawal is justified, the student should inform the university before the end of that semester. If the case is approved, that semester would be considered as an educational leave of absence for the student.

If a student decides to withdraw after one year of study for any reason. He is required to pay the intuition for withdrawal according to the rules and derivatives of the university. The student whose verdict is reported to the authorities cannot return to the university (he is not subject to pay the intuition before one year).