Visions and objectives


 Islamic Azad University’s motto “Universalization, training committed, creative and noble entrepreneurs”


University’s vision in 2014 – IAUCTB in 2014

“Innovative, Entrepreneur, Pioneer in the country’s economic, social and cultural affairs”

University’s mission in 2014

Based on the statement of the supreme leader of the revolution regarding the nomination of the year 2014 as “the year of economy and culture, with national will power and management crusade” IAUCTB’s mission in 2014 is as follow:

1- Growth and development of culture and entrepreneurial knowledge through the utilization of new technologies, educational and research innovations.

2- Growth and development of scientific and applied researches to meet the scientific and technological requirements of the nation.

3- Training committed, creative and experienced entrepreneurs.

 University’s strategic goals in 2014

1. IAUCTB as an authoritative university in the country.

2. Delving into the new scientific and technological domains and implementing the science production discourse.

3. Establishing a suitable cultural and ethical ground for nurturing and promoting individuals’ internal traits as a requirement for country’s scientific development.

4. Improving and updating the courses syllabuses and educational fields based on the needs of the society as well as quality enhancement supervision.

5. Promoting research activities through qualitative and quantitative development and scientific production at the level of each faculty.

6. Developing the culture of entrepreneurship innovation and creativity.

7. Improving and modifying faculty members’ pyramid regarding their academic promotion.

8. Boosting individual’s tendency towards specialization in the university.

9. Effective and efficient management of the financial resources and trying to find new financial resources (outsourcing).

10. Improving human resources potentials.

11. Developing M.A, B.A, M.S, B.S and Ph.D courses

12. Enhancing coordination and cooperation between national and internatonal research and scientific organizations.

13. Achieving durable cooperation and satisfaction among university professors, staff and students.

14. Working for the betterment of the university’s physical space and infrastructures.


University’s pivotal values in 2014

1. Accountability and respondency

2. Moderation

3. Group working, partnership, commitment and perseverance

4. Student oriented

5. Innovation and creativity

6. Continuous improvement

7. Maintaining magnanimity of human resources in line with Islamic principles and instructions

8. Increasing quality in educational and research services

9. Entrepreneurship